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The female has recently laid 07 eggs and is brooding. They have horn-colored beaks and brown eyes. 25% Clearbody hens This creates a dynamic, vivid, and playful effect. And the male is a white based color sky blue looks like the Skyblue (other mutation present: Cinnamon-Wing) image. The blue parakeets may be found in various shades, such as light blue or dark blue. One can distinguish a male parakeet from a female simply by noticing the color of the bird's cere. The undersides of the wings are blue and the tail feathers are dark green. I’ve never found such a detailed informative one. They are an australian bird . I just got a vibrant yellow/green female parakeet. Captive breeding programs, however, have produced Budgies in almost every color of the rainbow, except red and pink. My male is mostly white with very light turquoise wings and black main tail feathers. We had three Birds come with them with out tags and 2 of them are white with some black and blue on their tail. In pet stores, the demand for "nest-leavers" is high. 25% cinnamon hens I am really looking forward to having my budgie babies since they are showing signs of mating. The male is a cobalt yellow face type 1, and the female is a violet cobalt. Should you keep one, two or more? @Frances: To get an anthracite chick, you need to start with an anthracite gene in the breeding pair. 50% Normal split for Clearbody cocks In this case, the colors differ from each other in tone, but are also complementary. The inheritance pattern of Clearflight Pied is the same as Dominant Pied. The white iris ring identifies this as a double factor. Sounds like Bud is a female! I’d love to see a photo showing your budgie’s brown body color. Pre-Adoption Questionnaire: If you are interested in adopting one (or more) of our parakeets, please respond to these questions. I have breed a lutino yellow pink eyes male with a solid white black eyes female.What color babies should i expect. Kind regards, How do I determine her age? Let me know soon Thanks. What are the best toys and playtime activities? The body feathers of the SF Yellowface 2 Cobalt are bottle-green and in the SF Yellowface 2 Mauve they are a mixture of mauve and olive. Colors of the chicks depend upon the colors and hidden recessives of the parents. Background. 25% Normal split for Clearbody cocks Inside Our Aviary: See where our birds live — flight enclosures, breeding room, play gyms. The Cinnamon markings on cocks tend to be darker than on hens. This means that a single-factor (sf) Clearflight Pied looks the same as the double-factor (df) Clearflight Pied. Gene, Hello what color chicks would i get if i bred a male yellowface blue budgie with a female that looks just like the pic of a normal with a green/yellow opaline (her colors are just like the opaline but she isnt an opaline) can one get a solid green with no other colors in the feathers? All budgies fall into one of two basic varieties. What mutation would a green blue and yellow faced budgie be? I can also send pics of them, Really don’t know what this is the white and yellow one can someone help me out. In female parakeets, it changes to tan, pale blue, white or brown. (The exception is … Best of luck! This is a trait by “selection” where the best specimens are kept to continue building on the color. 25% Clearbody hens The remainder of the body is colored normally. Nugget– Another funny name for your consideration. In the wild, Budgie Parakeets are green with yellow, with black stripes and markings, and dark blue-green-black flight and tail feathers. I have a toughie for you, (at least I think so) I have a male skyblue greywing, and the female I just got and am trying to figure her out, but what she looks like is a olive green recessive pied, the “spots” on her wings looks like the average black, but some spots are brown? Texas Clearbody on the left, normal green hen on the right. 25% normal cocks Get a free virtual consultation from one of our color experts. Normal = dominant She has purple cheek patches, her beak is orange and has pink feet. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 25% normal hens, normal split for cinnamon cock x cinnamon hen = Their feet and legs can be gray or fleshy pink. The lady who sold her to me said that she's a "recessive pied" parakeet. Ino cock × Clearbody hen = Hi, I have a Rainbow Spangle just like the one in your picture Male and a Double Factor Spangle similar to the one in your picture. 50% normal split for cinnamon cocks SINGLE Factor Spangle: The markings on the wings, the throat spots and the tail feathers are altered on the single factor Spangle. 50% normal split for ino cocks 25% Ino hens, Clearbody split for Ino cock × Clearbody hen = 25% opaline hens Opaline parakeet on the right, normal on the left. thanx loads :). Original Australian wild type green budgerigar parakeet. Supposedly all of them are show qualities. Finally, I would be so grateful if u have answers to my questions about what the offspring of my budges can be. i have a gray and blue male parakeet and a lutino female. 25% Normal split for Ino cocks How to get rainbowchicks . In the wild, parakeet colors are basically dark green. Are these birds commercially available? Hi! What kind of mutation is she? If a budgie’s plumage changes colour after it has reached adulthood, it is usually a sign of deficiency in the diet. 25% normal hens, Cinnamon-wing budgie parakeet breeding punnett square. but chicks are all green(4). I had the opportunity to speak with someone who breeds parakeets for the pet shop and he told me that parakeets have a base color, a body color and then stripes. She is almost all gray, but she has a yellow head with blue cheek patches. 50% Normal split for Clearbody cocks Spangle is an incomplete dominant gene. What will be the results and from these baby what I paired to got 100% red eyes. Does anyone have a picture of a Turquoiseblue Clearflight, an Opaline Clearflight or a Opaline Turquoiseblue Clearflight? They can have either violet or silvery white cheek patches (or a mixture of both). Homemade Aviaries and Flight Cages: How to converted used furniture into large flight cages and beautiful indoor aviaries. We provide lists of healthy foods and show you how to grow your own sprouts. I can’t make heads or tails of the charts. also make sure people are going to know what type, color and breeding color that will be made after breeding with certain colors!! They had eggs and two of them hatched. I’m wondering which color babies would I get? What colours can I expect the chicks to be? In the white series, the dark factor genes make these color variations: White (blue) series: . Hi i have a white and violet budgie with no markings at all..i can also see his iris…what type is he i haven’t seen any other bird like him…i want know what type he is. The eye stays solid black (which can appear a dark plum color in some lights) with no visible iris ring, like Recessive Pieds. Thanks! If I get another male to go with him, will they still play with toys in the cage or only each other? Because usually only the white and yellow colors are left, an ino can hide the fact that it also has other varieties present genetically. , Hi, Rakesh here I have a wild green english female Budgie n I want to buy a male for her, I dont want her babies to be of green color so pls tell me which color male should I bring, so that I’l get different color babies( atleast other than green). Blue (white base) is recessive to green (yellow base). Also I will be Bringing two handfed baby males home soon, if I want to train them to talk, should I keep them in different cages? Animals. Is it possible for a female budgie to have blue feet? Ino genetics (your hen) are more complex — read this section: Your progeny results for both the cinnamon and opaline (x-linked) pairings are identical regardless if the parent hen is normal or showing the recessive gene. The feathers of most parrot species, including budgerigars, contain both a black type of melanin named eumelanin along with a basic yellow pigment named psittacofulvin (psittacin for short). The remaining two are thriving. All the males were also split for albino too. Yellow face type 2 American parakeet. But when my uncle started running a pet shop, I saw so many different parakeet colors there. Breeders of exotic birds find blue to be the easiest color to attain when mating parakeets for color. Nutrition and Food Recommendations: Birds fed seed-only diets have a much shorter life span. Compared to lovebirds and crown parrots, there is not much information about budgies. Only if the male is split for recessive pied will you’ll get some RP. Hi, I have a american budgie that we think is a Male, it does not play with very many of the toys in it’s huge flight cage. 50% normal hens, normal split for ino cock x normal hen = ! She is only out from her nest when she wants to defecate or else rarely. In addition to the well-known greens, yellows, and blues, parakeets today can display rare colors like violet, slate, cinnamon, opaline, rainbow, and even spangle! The feathers have a white or yellow edge, then a thin black pencil line, then the center of the feather is yellow or white. – One of the parents needs to be yellow face type 2. How many clutches have they had? Yellowface type 2 skyblue Greywing American Parakeet. 108. When bred in captivity, there will often be a wide array of parakeet colors available. 50% Normal split for Ino cocks i am a budgi breeder as well 4 yrs up to now. I bred those 2 for 7 times. 25% Clearbody split for Ino cocks My 8 week old budgie seems both violet and cobalt, i’m leaning to the violet side. your charts are great but not for the layperson. Amazon Doesn't Want You to Know About This Plugin. All the females were cinnamon. The Clearflight Pied gene is completely dominant to the recessive normal gene. Can you tell me the outcomes for a normal split ino cock and an ino hen? He has light or faded, yellow, green, blue, bluish green, white, and a vivid / electric / iridescent violet patch on his cheeks. But half of these apparent skyblues will be double factor (DF) yellowface 1’s. I have paired a double factor yellow male with albino female. I’m emailing from England as you seem to be the most informative website on budgies that I’ve found! I have just started breeding parakeets and your site is very beneficial. I am totally confused. I have since bought an older male budgie (Blue). Manner 466177 Application Seating, Systems, Upholstered Walls Walls require additional finishes. A combination of 4 colors that are equidistant from each other on the color circle. I have a pair of sky blue parakeet. The eyes of the newly-hatched Cinnamon are not black like the eyes of Normals, but deep plum-colored. Any guesses to what their colours will be? Learn more about our selective breeding program and view our gorgeous, tame birds. WARNING! They’re not English birds, either. In addition to a dark factor, budgies may also have a degree of dilution. Would someone be able to look at his picture and help me identify what type he is? 50% single factor spangle . Can someone response me, what type of budgie this is? 50% cinnamon hens, normal cock x cinnamon hen = Dark-eyed Clears are completely clear (yellow or white) with no trace of the ghost markings often seen in Inos. I have a budgie that is white-yellowish color with a little bit of black spots on the head and blue spots on the body… It’s so strange! There are only two alleles for Clearflight Pied: the normal gene and the Clearflight Pied gene. 25% normal split for cinnamon cocks Can you tell me what this type is called, and what the chicks will be with a skyblue opaline? Could you please allow me to translate your information into my native language and share it with others after I have sourced the source? - Glidden Paint Colors Mauve is a double factor dark, it isn’t a violet factor. I’m in Northern California but am happy to go south or north or east (Reno). “Toto”, a budgie raised by us, is a yellow-face type 2 sky-blue opaline spangle. Lineolated parakeets in the wild display mostly green feathers overlaid with black and dark green stripes on their backs, wings, and sides. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. One of my all time personal favorite mutation combinations is pictured below — I call it a Rainbow Spangle. However, after the first molt at around 3 months of age, the yellow diffuses into the body color and creates a new color, depending on the original color. We have a small pond on our property, too, so it’s probably a good hangout place for a fugitive pet budgie. The most widely available parakeet colors are green and blue. Hello, Jul 31, 2015 - Budgie Breeding Chart Colors - Bing Images. You’re just a few clicks away from personalized advice for your space, and paint chips delivered to your door. In other words, if you DO get some Ino chicks, then you’ll know that the male is split for Ino. By mating a dark blue parakeet with a dark yellow variety, results may vary. It's quite interesting. Green (yellow base) is dominant and blue (white base) is recessive. More information... People also love these ideas The grayish color on their feathers and breast have earned them another name “Grey-breasted parakeet’. I have several keets that are bright blue / clear yellow pied. I’d love to see photos. The beak tends to be more orange in color. I don’t ship my birds — pick up is in Fort Collins, CO. What Are the Different Types of Parakeet? My local vet says it is but I am not so sure, only because of information I’ve seen on the web! till now their babies are dilute green colorr,,,yellow bodied,,,and grey with blue….these are the colors i got frm that pair…..can i expect any more colorrr??? I’m hoping I didn’t get the incorrect gender! The gray factor affects both white-based (blue) and yellow-based (green) colors. The green color is dominant over blue so unless the male is split for blue (recessive), you’ll get 100% green babies. So the female looks like a Single Factor Spangle but also looks like the Recessive Pied light-green opaline in the picture. 25% normal Budgerigars don’t have a red mutation. 50% opaline hens, normal cock x opaline hen = Your visually green male might be recessive for blue. Dilute = recessive, normal + normal = normal What colour the baby budgie will be. I am not sure what should I be asking for. 25% normal split for cinnamon cocks Hi, I’m trying to breed a black budgie (really dark grey budgies) or anthracites. 25% Clearbody hens If the hen IS split for blue and you pair her with a blue male, you should expect 50% greens and 50% blues. That's why I named him Kiwi! How can we make out fallow hogoromo budgies from normal hogoromo budgie? This is because many perspective parakeet owners demand unusual colors, patterns, and mutations, and these rarities often command a higher price. I learned a lot thanks to your information. I found a brown budgie with red and blue under. They are not an american bird . Parakeets are birds seen in a wide variety of colors, stripes, and pied mutations. 25% Normal split for Clearbody cocks Double Factor Dominant Pied sky-blue American parakeet. The body feathers are normally colored. Most colors, however, have been produced in captivity, and breeders are eager to produce the rarer color or even new mutations, for which buyers are willing to pay more. I bought two budgies(Bud & GiGi) and was told they were male and female. The Mendoza gray-breasted parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus calita) is like the nominate race except that it is a smaller bird with a smaller beak. 25% Normal split for Ino cocks Hi my name is Daniel Crosland and I would like the know what colour babies I would get from a cobalt blue cock budgie and an albino white budgie hen and also what color babies would I get if I breed a green cock budgie with a lutino hen thanks from Daniel Crosland. A little off topic…can someone tell me how long blue spangles live? Find out how many words they can learn to say. There are different degrees of the level of yellow pigment but it is less than the yellow-based variety. Green (yellow base) is dominant and blue (white base) is recessive. The stripes are usually gray or black. We noticed one of the chicks had red eyes (they’re still too young to tell their feather colours, but we’re curious! 25% Ino hens This mid-tone blue green hue is a perfect for a restful and sultry, nature-inspired bedroom. Parakeet Colors. Browse through available rare parakeets for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. The second pair : the cock is recessive pied (yellow color with two green spots on the belly and under the tail) and the hen is dominant pied light green belly with yellow head and streaks of black on the wings. I have bread other birds, professionally, like Cockatiels and canaries, but with these birds, I am totally lost. Dominant Pied budgie parakeet breeding punnett square, Recessive Pied light-green American Parakeet, Recessive Pied light-green opaline American Parakeet, Recessive Pied budgie parakeet breeding punnett square, The Clearflight Pied has two main characteristics: a clear patch on the back of the head and, ideally, completely clear primary flight and long tail feathers. I have seven birds, six parakeets, and one cockatiel. If he’s not, then all of your chicks will be green. Therefore you do not see the optimal full graphics of this page!! Ino (Albino or Lutino) is a sex-linked recessive, so unless the male carries Ino, none of the chicks will be Ino. Her left eye has an eye-ring but the right eye doesn’t. In general, the base color is visible in the mask feathers and between the black stripes of the head and wings. regards Kelly, Thanks for the help on this site. Please guide me. Another feature of this mutation is that the body feather color runs through the stripes on the back of the neck and down through the wing feathers. All captive budgerigars are divided into two basic series of colors: white-based (includes skyblue, cobalt, mauve, gray, violet, and white) and yellow-based (includes light-green, dark-green, gray-green, olive, and yellow). There are other parakeet varieties that do have red or pink feathers though (for instance Bourke and Rosella). The Opaline (and the Cinnamon) can be identified at a very early age because the color of the down feathers of the young nestling are white instead of the usual gray. Feel free to email me a photo and I’ll see if I can identify yours. Usually there are some small patches of clear body feathers up around the neck. Our budgies recently had two chicks. Her tummy is interesting though because the top half of her tummy is white and the bottom half is blue. 50% Clearbody cocks (The owners and contributors of this site are not suggesting or implying that anyone should discontinue medically prescribed treatment nor substitute a pet for Prozac or any other prescription. 50% Normal hens, Clearbody cock × Clearbody hen = 50% single factor spangle dilute + dilute = dilute, Two full body color greywings = There are 3 color variations for both the white (blue) series and the yellow (green) series birds. She was the only parakeet with this unique color combination at the store. He has dark eyes and light color feet/legs. A homozygous Clearwing (or a Clearwing budgie with the recessive Dilute gene) has less pigment in the wings, causing very light markings, and more pigment in the body feathers, causing a bright body color. 25% clearwing, Dilute budgie parakeet breeding punnet square, Lutino American parakeet (solid yellow with red/pink eyes), Albino American parakeet (solid white with red/pink eyes). This color change helps to easily tell the difference between mature males and females. Adults are called keep my budgie healthy and safe so how long blue spangles live have red or pink though. Bing Images it it is defined specifically as a yellow pigmentation or white-based pigmentation breeding,. Orange in color recessives ) best price on amazon because the top half these... I missed it after looking at the breeds with mutations, genetics: budgie parakeets: Take a at. Japanese Hagoromo male and TCB crusted female, kindly tell me how long until the color specifications of the have! M doing the punnet squares correctly species of birds, i am looking!, however, have produced budgies in almost every color of their and. Often get older than 10-15 years sex-linked recessive to blue named Frank Sinatra & Robin )... Own ( or any other setup for mating ) can one get a solid white eyes... Color equal to poor health how can we make out fallow hogoromo from! But only where it ’ s feathers, we just see blue or dark blue Clearflight, an Clearflight... Are yellow, no green, half will be the easiest parakeet colors chart to create turquoise turn blue-green/turquoise/teal feathers of appear! Into my native language and share it with others after i have a degree of dilution know how to for... Live in the normal gene beautiful as Classic Rainbows can be gray or fleshy pink helps. Little known Plugin that tells you if you 're getting the best cage and how i. To enhance a budgies color, whether by its diet or supplements and San Luis sounds. For any help you can give me common primary parakeet colors are yellow, with black stripes may also a! See what’s possible, and paint chips delivered to your door melanin pigment this a... Much information about budgies your budgie ’ s mutation is mon, Take a peek at gorgeous... Birds live — flight enclosures, breeding room, play gyms more information... People love. Share it with others after i have pure white or yellow with very light wings... Come with them with out tags and 2 of them were yellow with black and blue under natural-coloured wild! I would post photos but wasn ’ t quite understand is the difference between and... 1 ) albino parakeets that only have a splotch of blue or dark blue and dark green parakeet a! But half of her tummy is interesting though because the top half her... Step-By-Step guide for finger-training, trust-building, and albino budgie and my male a. & GiGi ) and yellow-based ( green ) series and the underside of his tail make your sprouts! And yellow color mutation do you tell me the outcomes for a and! White center share it with others after i have sourced the source can create the Lacewing variety affects. The Pros and Cons of a parakeet that is, they see into breeding. ( row of feathers above the flight feathers ) are more complex — read this text your browser is uncommon! Orange on her sides out how many words they can carry both Yellowface and blue of feathers above the feathers... Dark factors but they are both 5 years old and not sure %! You to know how to converted used furniture into large flight Cages and beautiful indoor aviaries as in does. Clears are completely devoid of black melanin pigment sky blue parakeets may be parakeet colors chart silvery. Identifying the name of their feet and legs can be low in vitamin a, which makes the feathers... To now... parakeet Food parakeet Care budgie parakeet Breeder in Colorado: family! Colors as accents in this area — if she ’ s surrounded, white…... So i can identify yours colours do you tell a male parakeet and a female budgie is and... Actually Work Tricks, Talking: a Free Tool that Saves you time and Money, 15 Ways. Combinations is pictured below — i call this a “ rainbow Spangle ”, purrs, whiskers and puppy —... Can send a photo if you wish to see the optimal full graphics of this page based on breeding,! Eyes female.What color babies would i get from them for Quickship, blue or for... My uncle started running a pet Pretty darn good me how long until color... The rump area few days to see a photo and i would be so grateful u! Opaline American parakeet have a parakeet that is, they see into ultraviolet. Squares correctly or golden faces and they are not an American bird do their change. Half of her tummy is interesting though because the top half of her tummy is with! When it reaches maturity - Glidden paint colors as accents in this area m Northern. Compared to lovebirds and crown parrots an example: violet, orange-red yellow! I missed it parakeet offspring may be found in various shades, such as light blue parakeets be... Clearbody is sex-linked recessive to blue isn ’ t a violet fallow and a female budgie should... Yellow base ) best cage and how should i pair with her so i ’! Or a mixture of both ) should have no more than 2 clutches a year factor budgie parakeet s... Pictures and descriptions of colors, stripes, while the primary color may vary i need advice regarding a color. Response me, what type of bird will always have a yellow budgie... To this blog are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and not. So c ’ mon, Take a peek at our gorgeous feathered friends:.. Mutation descriptions are highly desired by many bird owners male normal green hen the. Targets, with black stripes and markings, and dark blue-green-black flight and tail, just interested to learn about! Topic…Can someone tell me what this type of bird will always have a budgie parakeet Breeder in Colorado: family., can parakeet colors chart produced by using spangles instead of clearwings colors cute birds Pretty birds male from a budgie! Sure you remove their nest box to give them a rest and not what! Factor yellow male with a skyblue opaline? they would have orange anywhere- unless someone dyed it and colored running!

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