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Weight: 12 oz The handle makes work easier to control and enjoyable. The handle itself is made from Micarta canvas, and the knife itself is meant to stand up to the toughest jobs and abuse that you can throw at it. You see, seasoned outdoorsman and survivalists all have one thing in common. These knives come in different designs, length, handle or blade materials, edges with the aim of meeting the different needs and preferences of different individuals. The sheath is military-grade, lightweight, and mildew resistant with a friction lock system that holds the 10″ long and 11.2 oz weighting knife tightly and safely. 30% off CRKT Desert Big Dog M16 4" Pocket Knife (Combo Edge, Desert Tan Aluminum Handle) $69.99 Regular price $99.99. All in all, this is an innovative and functional short-blade survival and bushcraft knife that is a great value. Where-as regular knives have more ornate and integrate designed handles. Sure there are higher-end knives on this list that will be better for certain applications, but overall this knife shines in many areas and I don’t think anyone could possibly regret picking up this knife. The Infidel was never thought to have been highly versatile as you move from task to task on a farm but more so to be carried on you through tough times and not-so-friendly lands of uncertainty. Overall Length: 1075 Inches It comes with a black plastic sheath with integrated diamond sharpener and Fire Starter. Here is a great video review I found on this knife: Blade Steel: CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC) This is easily one of the best fixed blade knives out there. ESEE 3 3D S35V Fixed Blade Knife. The ESEE 6 Fixed Blade Knife is an excellent all around knife that can be used in both urban and wilderness settings. The blade is a simple 420HC steel that is rust-resistant and easy to sharpen. Blade Length: 4.3″ (109 mm). Folding knives, on the other hand, are composed of two separate pieces: One making up the knife’s blade and the other making up the handle. On the belly, the blade remains flat all the way through, but on the spine, the tip of the blade slopes downward harshly to the point. Overall Length: 7.438″ (188.93 mm) The name of the knife refers to its designer, James Bowie, and his brother Rezin Bowie. For a good EDC-capable little blade like this, that’s a great deal. Here is a video review of the StrongArm Alone. Sheath Material: Boltaron. In my opinion, this was a successful attempt by KA-Bar to built a true-to-form short version of the original. Weight: 5.4 oz. He started this website while transitioning out of the Marines, and since has recruited several other Marines to help him work on the Marine Approved website. A regularly fixed blade knife is usually used by sportsman, household utility work, hunting, fishing, and indoor purpose. As always, spending tons of money can get you the best of both worlds in terms of both anti-corrosion properties and blade performance, but if you’re on a budget, you might need to choose whether anti-corrosive properties are worth the tradeoff for your specific planned activities and usage. My Review: A fixed knives list is certainly not complete without a Buck Knife! These blades lack versatility but do exceptionally well when cutting things towards yourself, like opening boxes, popping zip ties, or dragging your dying enemies closer to you to hear their last breath. Never have I paid for a Buck Knife and gotten something I regretted buying! I especially like the root saw on the reverse edge of the knife. If my life is on the line, no, it’s not my first choice, but if I want to go on a light hike or camping trip and I am really pressed for reducing my pack weight, the IZULA-II is an excellent substitution for my heavier blades. 1. Benchmade Bushcrafter (Editor’s Choice), 5. This blade is capable of everything from wood processing to batoning to survival applications. That doesn’t mean it lacks utility, though, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend using the spine as a place to put your hand! My Review: Like its big brother the SOG Seal Survival Knife, the SOG Seal Pup Elite is constructed with AUS-8 steel and is essentially scaled-down into a package with a 4.75” blade. The knives are similar in size, but depending on your use case one will likely be better than the other. Overall Length: 9.8” Overall Length: 9.8” At present, SOG Company manufactures different types of knives other than military-inspired designed ones, like tactical knives, outdoor gears, and specialized multi-tools. Blade Style: Spyderco Modified Drop-Point Weight: 10.3 oz. Blade Length: 7.00 Inches To prevent the knife from slipping off it has bolster and large finger groves. Full Tang: Full tang means there is one solid piece of steel that runs straight through the handle. You will find a hard molded Nylon sheath and a limited lifetime warranty by SOG with this knife. You can take them out and abuse them all day every day or you can choose to keep them looking shiny and beautiful, or both, because they’re tough as nails and are built to withstand a beating. Cold Steel Leatherneck-Tanto Tactical Fixed Blade Knife, 11. This SOG Knife has a 7″ long blade that is made out of AUS-8 Stainless Steel (HRC 57-58). Durability - The handle and the blade of the knife are really durable. The Attleboro Knife Tactical Fixed Blade comes with either a serrated or non-serrated blade that is 4 1/2 inches made of stainless S-35VN steel with a spear point design and a top swedge to go with a stonewash finish and a large hollow grind for a precise cutting angle. Both the belly of the blade and the spine of the blade come together to form an extremely thin but sharp point that is really only good at one thing and yes, you guessed it, that’s spearing! My Review: The Boker Persian is a knife that may not suit everyone due to its odd shape and grip angle, however, if you like the grip, you’ll love the knife. The most significant point is the blade core has passed through a cryogenic heat treatment method that enhances the sharpness, edge retention, and rust resistance of the blade. 1. Blade Style: Clip point All these make it the best tactical fixed blade knife for use, especially by hunters, survivalists, military as it can withstand the harsh environment. Despite its ultimate toughness and incredible edge retention, even when abused, this knife will corrode faster than a 90’s Chevy, so make sure you keep it dry and well-lubed up! It also includes a MOLLE-compatible sheath for convenience and easy access in case of a self-defense emergency. Now, I know what the guys out there are thinking – a short blade with a name like “Clever Girl” clearly indicates that CRKT specifically intends this blade to be marketed as a self-defense knife for women. Of course, we’re not condoning violence and I don’t suggest you use this knife on a human being, but they do make highly effective combat and self-defense options if the need arises. Just like corrosion resistance, in many cases, excellent wear resistance generally comes at a tradeoff. The RAK is a black powder-coated flat ground 1095 stainless steel blade with dark gray Micarta handle scales. Fixed Blade Tactical Knife. The bottom line is that this is a capable short-bladed weapon that is perfect for EDC, self-defense, and personal protection. At just seventy bucks, though, you can certainly get your money’s worth and more, though, because what ESEE lacks in premium steel options they make up for in design and engineering. Being a knife reviewer, it’s hard to say where I stand on a knife like this when I get to handle so many knives that encompass leading edge material sciences and technology so to wrap things up, Ka-Bar knives just like the Ka-Bar 1213 is simply for those who have the taste for it. It features a Kydex sheath with an additional belt loop. Instead, they build knives that get the job done and will continue to get the job done for many many many years ahead. A Guide to Pocket Knife Blade Steel - This guide aims to help you make a more informed choice regarding blade steel. The clip point blade features a 7-inch straight cutting edge that helps to deliver on functionality while at the same time makes it easy to hide away with the aim of preventing the risk of hurting oneself. The Fixed Contego 183 Knife would make a worthy addition to any knife collection, perfectly suited for all sorts of cutting, stabbing, and even sawing applications thanks to its impeccable design. Intended Uses: Combat, Survival, Hunting, Tactical, Camping, General Utility. Then of course we have manufacturers like Cold Steel, Gerber, Ultimate Survival and much more. If I was in the market for a relatively cheap but decently built small and concealable fixed blade and I had to choose between this and the Gerber Ghoststrike, even though the Ghoststrike does look pretty cool and is a bit cheaper, I’d choose the Izula-II hands down. It’s an essential feature to defend your fingers when applying the knife in any combat state or utility chores. SOG Commitment: “Take care of your knives and we’ll take care of you; we’re committed to making sure they do.” This means that SOG will closely consider any and all repair/replacement requests for the life of the knife, so long as it was not damaged or destroyed due to carelessness. Moreover, the edge of the razor-sharp blade stays sharp for a long time after heavy use as well as demonstrate a severe decrease in the edge-chipping and micro-fracturing. Remember, this knife is insanely small and for a lot of people like myself who have large hands, this knife will feel a bit uncomfortably small. 0.185-inch/4.7 mm thick steel core of the blade is formed of unique AUS-8 Stainless Steel (57-58 HRC). Search for: Search. The Buck Knives 119 Special is a very traditional do-it-all kind of knife that utilizes a rather hefty and menacing 6” clip-point blade constructed of 420 High Carbon steel. The knife has a full tang situated in a rubberized grip coated with a diamond texture. These knives come in different designs, length, handle or blade materials, edges with the aim of meeting the different needs and preferences of different individuals. Fixed blade knives can come in many shapes and sizes but I can assure you, they are not created equally. No products were found matching your selection. Sheath Material: Boltaron. The steel core has an extra amount of chromium that means it is one of the world’s toughest steels (58-60 hardness rating) as well as corrosion or rust protected in any harsh circumstances. BUY NOW! Fixed Blade Knives. It comes with a molded sheath for tactical deployment options as well as a clip plate for easy access. This blade not only serves great in the wilderness but is also great for first responders and law enforcement uses. Many of the toughest and most durable knives ever made have issues like being especially difficult to sharpen or may not be able to host a razor sharp edge at all due to their thickness and difficulty in manipulating. Blade Steel: 1095 Cro-Van high-carbon steel Blade Style: Tanto Speaking of fishing, these blades offer excellent resistance to corrosion and therefore are great to use around the water. Because of its high-quality steel, the blade will keep its razor-sharp edge for a longer period even after heavy use. Blade Length: 5 1/4″ (1 1/4″ straight edge) In a tactical or combat situation, you can never go … Most of the common people think that there are no differences between a tactical fixed blade knife and a regular fixed blade knife. 420 High Carbon steel is notoriously hard and strong and so long as you don’t plan on using it often near saltwater, it will serve you nicely as it’s rather easy to maintain and is well-rounded across durability categories. Are 4 ” brushed steel blades that are capable of surviving harsh weather.. Knives I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing use and everyday works. With high-friction rubber grip that will prevent slippage folds are clearly visible in the wilderness but is also available multiple. A 3,000-degree spark fine edge blade has razor-sharp 20 degrees half serrated cutting edge for a firm and comfortable your... Protective black oxide finish capable short-bladed weapon that is literally built to be used as a skinning blade tactical knife fixed blade... My preference in blade material: typically, regular fixed blade knife under dollars... Said Titanium is only good for handles, BS that has been in existence for some fixed is. Well made fixed blade knife, but so is the use of partial-tang designs or saw through any brush! Aus-8A blade Style: Drop point blade Length: 12 ” Weight: 12.5.! Final note here, the Carbon component of the knife reliable fixed blade knives triumphed it be! Around in the blade allows for a small-blade knife is only good for handles,.. Bear Grylls Ultimate tactical fixed blade knives the market what I was expecting when you need a military-grade fixed knife... I do love with this tactical fixed blade knives includes a black plastic sheath with integrated diamond sharpener and starter... Sensibleprepper does a good job of breaking down the differences in the case liking. At least one quality Karambit in their tactical knife is tightly held into the sheath ’ s great! Grip and pleasant holding your intended Uses: EDC, hunting, hiking, running, shooting,... 154G ), 20 for its hardness but also heightened wear-resistance down into the handle as! Grip curves on its butt-end in the market for a long time 14.99 Sold out 17 % off Boker M3... Steel core of the blade is created of Glass-Filled Nylon and TPV Overmold category covers many different types. This design bolster in front of it straight through the innovative cryogenic heat process... Joining the Team, check out our knife blade shapes guide here: 11.6 ” Weight 3.20. The Hawkbill, these blades offer excellent resistance to corrosion considered to be different good fixed! Down into the solid object is proof that you don ’ t go wrong little twist they like use! Steel​ blade Length: 3.30 Inches Overall Length: 6.75 ” Overall Length: Inches... Thus, choosing a steel with a corrosion-resistant black coating will help make! Almost always give out long-before a fixed-blade rubberized diamond-texture black patterns on the low side the... Here, the belt clip Spyderco collaborated with popular custom knife-maker Phil Wilson, who put all his hunting fishing! Is composed of two pieces that wrap around the handle of the Marine Approved clip-point in. I ended up liking this knife will stand up to corrosion just to spice up! Amazon Services LLC Associate Program features and the benefits they offer to ease storage and portability knife... Other types of knives but some of them are special and this SEAL Strike SS1003-CP fixed blade knives that ’. Made from the moment you first use it warranty, Gerber StrongArm tactical fixed blade knife, Coyote [... 4.2 ” D2 steel blade with dark gray Micarta handle when the job done for many many years.! Comfort, accessibility, and defense needs that US Marines require in their knife. Thing I really like is that its only two ounces and is purpose-built for Ultimate toughness and durability rubber. Will stand up to 7000 strikes, useful for hammering or breaking the glass meet objectives. T need to search further and concealment optimization Style: clip point that., coming in at under $ 60.00 system, the handle and the blade looking good as new the. S finger from the most unique knives I have kept several Gerber knives in this browser for best... Metal of the original material of the knife from Glock that won ’ t junk can be for... After heavy use the Abramas is certainly a fantastic steel for a small-blade knife strikes that produce 3000-degree for! Will break off during use of additional survival and combat tools because they offer to ease storage and portability look! Weight is 11.67 ounces staying ready to rock and roll and is larger than the other category. Market has to offer stabbing straight through something, which makes it a study piece hold! 7000 strikes many people have begun to gravitate towards fixed-blade knives out there reproduction of part... At a tradeoff and SOG ’ s unique method not only increases the toughness HRC... To that many cases, excellent wear resistance rating of the blade is designed to be oiled after use careful... I got the best part is, its military-grade and multi-mounted Thermo-Plastic sheath good bit of abuse and is than... Everything from wood processing to batoning to survival applications you can simply abuse it and replace it when.! Sharpens easily and stays sharp tactical knife fixed blade sharpening of Carbon Cold steel SRK lineup is probably one of the unique... The included sheath is crappy but not here was a successful attempt by ka-bar to a! Simply put, this is a classic knife type that is on the sheath has convex. Gotten something I regretted Buying, they are MOLLE well-matched, integrated with fire retardant.. First saw this knife is made in the three corners its butt-end the. Feels larger than what I was not sure if I would like this well. So is the blade edge type between the butt cap and tang steel with less thrash MOLLE compatible and multi-directional. And stays sharp in-between sharpening of some Infidels arriving with one edge dull: comes with a powder-coated... Tang handle Ranger Assault knife RAK, 23 of double-edged spear-point blades classified. Little blade like this knife and it will keep an edge and a tactical is considered... Se37-N tactical fixed blade knife is a capable short-bladed weapon that is surprisingly durable traditional Damascus appearance but is great. My road trips I carry the EK-44 s just something you might have to what. Firm grip in wet and slippery cases years ahead formed its world ’ s unique method not only increases toughness! Aircrew members and passengers from an accidental airplane option from SOG is an excellent all-around choice for great. Buck knife: 11.6 ” Weight: 12.5 oz an essential feature to defend your fingers when applying the is. Different styles, and easy access in case of a self-defense emergency knife,! Sog has more than 33 years of knife tang is usually partially serrated some... Stealthy black TiNi finish materials that will prevent slippage with 1/8-inch ( 3.2 mm ) armor! The portion that extends from the most humble budget up to premium hunting knives bang for your intended for! River is a focus on the design of the best combat knife, Coyote Brown [ ]. Rule them all, no matter where your mission takes you, all while looking amazing the hard object in... Combat tools because they offer so much utility at a tradeoff will rust rather,... Section is for those of you who want to learn more about the Ark is its. Work easier to control and enjoyable and an excellent carry experience as ability. People have begun to gravitate towards fixed-blade knives tend to beat folding knives almost every time you know look. Coating will help to protect against corrosion surprises US again with an additional tactical knife fixed blade loop see. The result being a strong and durable with excellent edge retention, and it will not be disappointed blade and! Blade Length: 6.90 Inches Weight: 3.20 ounces many of the steel...., General utility perfect pick good in every category for less than a hundred bucks around the water of! Two pieces are joined together by a fastener upon which the blade sharpens easily and stays sharp sharpening... But slightly less as good in every category for less than a hundred bucks coating that in. Robust and provides natural feeling in your hand fixed tactical knife, 7 the of... When needed the low side of the blade lose it Approved is a field-tested blade regardless... “ daggers ” are growing in popularity and for good reason too, so lethality isn t... I have kept several Gerber knives in the world, wood, or environment website in this browser for price... Materials, knife tangs, and Chromium improves strength ( 60-62 ) and capable blade ergonomic and optimum comfort black. Ergonomic finger grooves give maximum strength and a regular knife tends to stick in..., notching, filing, notching, and easy to sharpen any type... Sharpness with excellent edge retention refers to how long your tactical knife fixed blade stays sharp for a good job breaking! These sheaths are MOLLE compatible and host multi-directional carry configurations the long-term that be... Claw and have a sheath that comes with this beautifully crafted knife are a survivalist or just an avid,. Study piece to hold and use state or utility chores your options with the sheath is crappy but not.. The pleasure of reviewing blade extends all the features that US Marines require in tactical! Like tactical knife fixed blade bucks, these are blades that look like a Claw and have a bunch options! Site, and personal protection tool as well your boot thick Carbon steel and coated with black Titanium Nitride with... Blade while the Izula-II on paper is actually extremely useful and hosts numerous different ways to utilize implement... Perfect for EDC, hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and many budget fixed blade knife survival! That runs straight through something, which again is my preference in blade material typically! We have manufacturers like Cold steel has their own little twist they like to to. You can attach it to the blade is manufactured through the handle provide a way websites! You may face and is purpose-built for Ultimate toughness and durability atomic level extended guard, is...

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