how to shape bougainvillea tree

The shades can vary slightly from year to year depending on the temps/sun but not the color. Close to or above 100 Degrees Fahrenheit everyday. I’m in the “love it” category in case you’re wondering. Are there varieties that don’t grow as fast as others. The first year I bought the house in San Dimas, CA. I am in zone 9 and have been using bougainvillea fertilizer. Nell. Nell. Nell, Hi Monk – Bougainvillea loves sun & heat. This year we will celebrate 10 years of our wedding, and these nice trees are a great proof that with care they stay alive and grow well. You also can remove any shoots that cause overcrowding. Taking the bitter with the sweet! Hi Lan – A soil mix that doesn’t contain too much peat & has excellent drainage is best. Hi Kathy – Common causes for a bougainvillea not to bloom are: not enough sun, not enough heat, too much water, or too much fertilizer. Neil, I planted 3 different colour bouganvilla in a very sunny spot and grew them up a trellis. Hi Nell. Can you please help me in managing them. You can plant 6 if you want them to fill in faster or 3 if you’re patient – also, these figures assumes they’re in 5 gallon grow pots. Debbie Wilson, Hi Debbie – I’m not sure how cold you get, but bougies can take more than 2-3 nights below freezing. Any help is much appreciated. Or would there be any point? I bought an orange one but it turned red. HI NELL

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