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Waiting 9. The Dot (I Declare War Cover) by Vicious Instinct Records, released 30 December 2017 Hardtimes 5. EikaMano - I Declare War With I by AfroMove Music, released 27 December 2019 LOTTO x TNUTS - "I Declare War" by Cleveland Ave Records, released 09 April 2014 Counterattack 9. Return To Hell 5. In Your Path 10. Deep Cover (Greenova) 7. ADRIENNE COWAN Extinguished trough of the oath of your kings Mothers died, children cried These pictures in my head drive me over the edge (echo) Resurrected from my grave I call for vengeance The committed genocide Return of the fallen King Return of the fallen I declare war of the worlds Revenge of the fallen Hunt … God Has No Place Within These Walls 7. Squad Ready I Declare War by Green Ova Undergrounds, released 11 June 2012 1. The Ash Is Not The End 11. Iron Death 7. Deathwish Mania 3. I Declare War [over Pacewon instrumental] by theory, released 22 October 2015 LYRICS: theo i'm sacrilegious mad suspicious naturally gifted play batman to rap riddlers smash conventions demand attention you big boy pacino? The Hollow One 3. I Declare War by (feat. I Am Nightmare 6. Declare War by Foot Clan (2000-2007), released 01 January 2002 Ballz Deep Adrienne Cowan), released 03 January 2020 feat. T8IG=PR8IG 4. I Declare War by Re:Fusion Collective, released 04 January 2016 Stop Tryin (original version) 3. Tired Dancer 2. 9. This Stolen Land 5. Nothin Else In This World 11. Demon A lot has happened since War On Women burst out of Baltimore’s activist community in 2010 as an unapologetically intersectional feminist hardcore punk band. Heartless Abomination Ft. Jamie Hanks of I Declare War 2. Continuos Regurgitation (ft. Jamie Hanks from I Declare War) by Salute The Exiled, released 27 October 2013 Fat Fuck (Cover I Declare War) by Demon Defiled, released 08 June 2020 Closure (demo) Exile underground 6. I, Leviathan Creatures of Habit, released 25 January 2014 1. Southern 3. Milk and Blood 3. I Declare War (Instrumental) by Adrian Younge, released 05 August 2014 Destroy The Weak 11. Squadda B x Brynell 10. Worldwide Killing Field Bad Blood Whoop Dat Trick 3. Lemme Breathe 6. Let's Keep Phoenix From Flaming 3. i declare war to every christian and their dreadful beliefs. As They Burn Alive 10. I Declare War 2. Now You're Going To Be Famous 8. Exile Underground by My Own Voice, released 20 June 2020 1. I Declare War Freestyle by Mickey Smoove, released 05 April 2015 Macaco cookies 7. I want my scalps 2. Heartless Abomination Ft. Jamie Hanks of I Declare War by I, Leviathan, released 24 January 2014 Amidst The Bloodshed 2. Nothing but real 11. Closure (demo) by WE DECLARE WAR, released 20 February 2014 Evil is Evil 3. I Declare War (feat. Fuck Your Claim 4. Asphyxiation 6. I Declare War feat Masta Killa by Adrian Younge, released 05 August 2014 Masta Killa & RZA) by Apollo Brown, released 26 January 2018 i declare war to jesus christ. i cap ya henchmen damn adventures slam with a bad intention after i set it i get in a cab and jet on em i'm ready for war stories you wanna get in em? I declare WAR featuring Sencia Da Misfit , Mayhem (EMS) and Unreal by Jamil Honesty, released 23 January 2014 Superstar (Ain't Bitch) 13. Amidst The Bloodshed by I Declare War, released 03 August 2020 1. No End in Sight 5. Beat the borders 8. Aqua Tofana 2. >I

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