admin and user login in php mysql

We covered some of the essential topics such as sending a verification email to user, securely hash the password. Open logout.php and place the following code in it. After successful login, the authenticated user will be allowed to enter into the application. It is a PHP based application that out of the frying pan.. In this tutorial we'll create a simple registration and login system using the PHP and MySQL. After the account was created, the user can log in to their own account. Let's assume someone were to steal it from you. profile.php — Select the user's account from our MySQL database and display the result. Add the following code in the signup.php.

', // Store the data in db, if all the preg_match condition met, "/^(?=.*\d)(?=.*[@#\-_$%^&+=§!\?])(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[A-Z])[0-9A-Za-z@#\-_$%^&+=§!\? Again, note the double hyphen before the “user” and “password”. This whole system we are developed using PHP and MySQL. PHP page for checking: Login Check Page Here we are also, setting the Session.